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Whilst I like to have fun when walking dogs, I do take it seriously and don't simply take a group of dogs out and let them run around in an uncontrolled fashion. Having worked with veterinary recommended behaviourists I have learnt that many dogs are uncomfortable with chaotic situations. Constant exposure to such, can have a detrimental effect on them, leading to issues such as withdrawal, anxiety and aggression. The last thing I want to do is create a problem for you and your dog.

York dog walkingFor that reason, I keep walks controlled and calm whilst still being fun. They can play and even go for a swim in the river if appropriate (and you agree)but if they become over excited and too boisterous I will distract them with good quality treats (chicken, liver or cheese) to calm the situation down. A dog that is calm and relaxed is in the best mental state, a state when they are able to respond to commands much better and socialise in a well mannered way. I have found the best way to keep them all content is to keep walks calm. My job is much more enjoyable when I know they are enjoying themselves.

I tend to avoid other dogs where possible as there is no knowing what the outcome of a meeting with a strange dog may be. I do not do street walks but take them to open spaces, Clifton Ings, Hob Moor and the Knavesmire, where it is usually possible for them to play and enjoy a good run together.

I will collect your dog in my van which is equipped with separate cages for each dog to ensure a safe journey. I take them for a minimum 1 hour walk, sometimes longer, depending on my workload for the day (and the weather!). In the event that your dog becomes wet or muddy whilst out walking , I will towel down and leave them wherever you wish, to relax, happy and tired after a satisfying trip out. I am also happy to fill a 'kong' or similar with treats or hide/scatter treats before my departure as this not only occupies them but provides mental stimulation which dogs need in addition to physical exercise.

Unlike many dog walkers, I do not walk any breed of dog. I stick to those I feel comfortable and confident with. I do not walk Staffordshire bull terriers, mastiffs or similar breeds as if an incident did occur their sheer strength would prevent me from intervening. My typical customers are spaniels (of which I have many!), Lhasa Apso's and small terriers. I do not take dogs that are aggressive and I will do my upmost to keep your dog in a safe and happy environment.

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